Rosanne Hurly Coyne has been in the communication business for nearly 30 years, following a passion to communicate as a trainer, teacher, adjudicator of public speaking events, writer and performer.

After graduating in 1989 (L.T.C.L.-Trinity College, London, T.L.S.D.-UNISA, TV Arts) she performed in various Theatre-in-Education and Drama-in-Education programmes.

Teaching and directing others is her special calling. She has taught students of all ages and believes firmly that it is never too late to develop the confidence to become a powerful communicator.

Through the years she has worked in diverse environments, such as businesses, schools and NGO's training oral communication skills. These skills include: performing skills, public speaking, customer service, assertive skills, story-telling, debating and forum discussions. She has worked with teachers in rural areas, enabling them to teach reading skills and to develop a love of reading and writing in their young learners.

The philosophy of the British voice coach and theatre director, Cicely Berry (Born 1926) has been Rosanne's inspiration. Berry says: "Speaking is part of a whole: an expression of inner life! There is no such thing as a correct voice. There is no right way-there are only a million wrong ways." Rosanne says: "Wrong ways are blockages acquired from bad habits, often developed, unconsciously. If left unchecked, they become barriers to communication brilliance."

Rosanne trains effective communication holistically. She believes that mastering the correct breathing technique for speech, developing awareness of ourselves, identifying our bad habits and finding our unique strengths will empower each of us to become master communicators.
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Rosanne Hurly-Coyne

Rosanne believes that the secret to mastering effective, fearless communication
lies in understanding that our
body, mind and voice are inter-connected.

  • SETA Services Accredited
    SAQA Level 5
  • Effective
  • B-BBEE Status
    Level 4